I have substantial experience teaching a variety of undergraduate and graduate classes on a range of subjects such as Artificial Intelligence, Multimedia Search and Retrieval, Algorithms and Data Structures, Reinforcement Learning, and Audio and Music Processing. All of my teaching has taken place at the Johannes Kepler University Linz, Austria.

Course Taught
Algorithms and Data Structures 2014
Artificial Intelligence 2010-2013, 2017, 2018
Artificial Intelligence in Media, Arts and Society 2014, 2015, 2018, 2019
Audio and Music Processing 2011-2015, 2019
Computational Engineering (Project) 2013, 2018
Computational Engineering (Seminar) 2013, 2018
Data Science (Project) 2018
Data Science (Seminar) 2018
Intelligent Information Systems (Seminar) 2019
Machine Learning and Audio: a challenge 2018, 2019
Multimedia Search and Retrieval 2017, 2018
Reinforcement Learning 2017, 2018, 2019

I have also (co-)supervised projects, bachelor’s master’s, and doctoral theses on a number of topics in the field of intelligent music processing.

Student Thesis Title Type Year
Lúis Carvalho Large-scale multi-modal music search and retrieval without symbolic representations Doctoral ongoing
Charles Brazier Live tracking and synchronisation of complex musical works via multi-modal analysis Doctoral ongoing
William Freilinger Machine Learning from Raw Audio Data Master ongoing
Franz Berger Large Scale Retrieval of Classical Music in Audio and Sheet Music Master ongoing
Adrian Tappe Multiple Sequence Alignment Master ongoing
Paul Primus Interpretability of Deep Machine Learning Models Master 2019
David Eitelsebner Fast and Robust Melody Matching Bachelor 2019
Nimrod Varga Learning the “Vowel Worm” Bachelor 2019
Hannes Schauer Automatic Music Accompaniment via On-line Time Warping and Kalman Filter Master 2017
Michael Klopf Instrumentation Annotator Annotation Tool for Classical Music Project 2016
Johannes Pieringer On-line Event Detection in Music Performances Master 2014
Andreas Grimmer On-line Singing Voice Detection Project 2014
Michael Traxler Implementation of a Model for the Transcription of Single-Voice Melodies Bachelor 2014
Anela Lolic Detecting Mistakes in Music Performances: An Automatic Music Tutor Bachelor 2014
Manuel Wöss Rhythm-Based Genre Classification using the Spectrum Kernel and Support Vector Machines Bachelor 2013
Adrian Tappe Score Retrieval with Dynamic Time Warping Bachelor 2013
Filip Korzeniowski Real-time Capable Singer Tracking Using Pitch and Lyrics Information Master 2011

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